Belper Art Group

The Winners

This year we did away with the individual pictures and had a group picture of the winners. Embarrassment of embarrassment despite taking a number of shots all had someone pulling a face. So play spot the face.

Below are the various category winning pictures and the positions:

Mixed Media:

1st.Julia Seaton. 2nd.Frank Smith. 3rd.Pat Midgley.


1st.Andy Mayers. 2nd.Sue Slack. 3rd. Teresa Bailey. 3rd. Steve Wragg.


1st.Andy Mayers. 2nd. Julia Seaton. 3rd.Richard Nayler.


1st.Teresa Bailey. 2nd.John Gee. 3rd.Maggie Sutton.


1st.Dawn Horsley. 2nd.Virginia Schoenemann. 3rd.Rachel Billings. 3rd.Pat Midgley. 3rd.Ken Spencer.


1st.Richard Allen. 2nd.Rachel Billings. 3rd.Dawn Horsley.


1st.Virginia Schoenemann. 2nd.Rachel Billings. 2nd.Julia Seaton.

The Pictures

The exhibition was set up between 12:30 and 3:30 ready for the evening. This ensures that all the pictures are shown well and that none are wedged behind just to get the in. However, as ever the best laid plans of mice and men: one picture was mislaid during the setup and only discovered whilst clearing down and two people did not make the setup so there pictures were wedged in!

I have toi say that apart from a few itinerant members admiring the pictures it was much easier to take the pictures this year because I took photographed the pictures in daylight.

The Night

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